"I" Kel-es-Suf

14/11/2019 21:27

litter "I" Kel-es-Suf (Jelani Kel Az´Amour x Ghizlene Kel-es-Suf)
On May 5, eight beautiful puppies were born in our kennel - six boys and two girls. We chose these names for them:
girls - Itma´ Anna, Ines Sofia
boys - Ilan, Insani, Imane, Itmi´nan, Ilham, Idari
The whole litter offers a wide range of interesting color shades. I'm not sure which shade is more interesting for me. Mother and her children are doing well, that is the most important thing.
For me, every birth is the first, a lot of emotions, a lot of fatigue, a lot of happiness, many surprises, but always a lot of love.
Everyone who has been waiting for our little girls can be a little disappointed - only two girls were born. But those who are waiting for the azawakh boys - they will have to decide.
I will gradually add more photos to my profile in the album: I litter